The software for your terminal is very important. At all the trade shows there are many companies that all insist that their software is the best. That their hand held terminal is better than all the others. That their customer support lines are manned 24/7 so they can update your software as they find bugs in it and fixes for it.


Do you really want to be the guinea pig. Do you really want to have to spend hours and hours trying to find out how to do the simplist of jobs or have a system that takes seven different processors to add one new product.


We have always believed that the best systems are the simplist ones. It should take a couple of seconds to type in a new product and a couple more to tell it where it is to be displayed.


Vectron Software on Older IBM Windows XP Terminal

Vectron now offer their software for use on a PC. So we now have amazing software that will run on virtually any windows based terminal. As it was written to run on their own hardware platform it is very well behaved and will run on some of the older slower equipment. We can also offer ICR Touch and ECR Touch Software.


So if your fed up with paying for 24/7 support that you have to have or a yearly licence fee to use their software then you need to look at Vectron PC. A one off charge for the software and installation and away you go. No extra fees and no compulsory software support.


Granted its not got all the bells and whistles but do you really need / use them or was it just the salesman telling you that they were good and you needed them. After all he needs to be kept in the lap of luxury along with the 24/7 support team is their posh offices and who's paying for it. You are.